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Action Design: Designing for Voluntary Behavior Change

Steve Wendel

Topic of discussion: how to apply the recent explosion of research on decision making and behavioral change to the practical problems of designing software products.  Steve will give us a step-by-step approach to integrating explicit behavioral goals to product development, UX, engineering, and testing.   The end goal: to help users do things they haven’t been able to do before, like getting in shape (Nike+ FuelBand), taking control of their finances (HelloWallet), or being more energy efficient (OPower). The focus of the talk will be on the design part – identifying the key lessons from the research, developing the user stories, and making sure UX has the freedom to build a beautiful, usable product that is also effective at changing behavior. 

Photo of Steve Wendel

Steve Wendel

Steve is the head research guy at HelloWallet, where they develop products that help people take control of their finances and best use employee benefits.  He's a behavioral social scientist, and loves learning about how we humans make decisions (the good, the bad & the ugly).  

Steve is currently writing a book for O’Reilly on Designing Software for Behavior Change and would like to hear about your experiences!