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Data-Driven Politics

Ben Yuhas

American political campaigns rely on big data to inform their fund-raising and voter-mobilization strategies. Pollsters, statisticians and data scientists use voter files to identify which individuals are likely to vote, the candidate they are likely to support and the issue most likely to motivate them. Campaigns use additional data to prioritize whom they contact and to determine the timing, channel and message that will have the greatest impact.   This talk will review how data is being used in politics today and how it has changed how campaigns are run.

Photo of Ben Yuhas

Ben Yuhas

After 10 years in financial services, in 2004, Ben took his experience as Senior Director of Database Marketing at Barclaycard US to pioneer the use of individual-level data in politics. In 2008, he served in the Obama war room on Election Day, using early results to inform the allocation of get-out-the-vote resources.  Today, as Principal of the Yuhas Group, Ben helps a variety of commercial and non-profit clients use data to make better decisions by providing data analytics, segmentation and predictive modeling. .  Dr. Yuhas lives in Baltimore with his wife and two sons and serves as president of the board for The Ingenuity Project, a private-public partnership in Baltimore’s public schools whose mission is to identify and prepare a diverse generation of STEM leaders.