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How to Succeed with JavaScript (Without Really Trying*)

Jason Rhodes

You can't be involved in building the World Wide Web in 2015 without consistently bumping into JavaScript in one way or another. You've probably written some non-trivial amount of it, too--struggled with it, possibly cursed it's name--there are plenty of reasons to be confused about its past, present, and very rapidly moving future. Join me as I help you come to terms with the "scripted Java" (it's not Java) and offer suggestions about how you can be as successful as possible with everyone's favorite prototyped pseudo-functional scripting language, no matter how often you have to interact with it. (PS jQuery > React)

Slides, notes & links from Jason's talk 

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Jason Rhodes

Jason used to play with HyperCard a lot during middle school classes and now writes java scripts (basically all the different times), especially at SparkPost, the most extra-supertastic API-driven cloud email service in the world. Jason is also a founder and co-organizer of charmCityJs and Baltimore NodeSchool, as well as a creator and instructor of screencast tutorials at