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Lost & Found

Carl Smith

Life isn’t short, we waste it doing silly things. We lose our focus and find ourselves creating a mythology around who we are and the problems we face.  When it comes to work, our thoughts revolve around stories like "I should be further along, higher up and more in control".  Truth is, at this moment in time, you are exactly where you choose to be.  As social creatures, we feed off each others stories and create group illusions about the world. But history, nature, science and philosophy agree that there is a different way. An easier way. A truer way. 

During this talk, Carl explains the Jelly Fish work model that he's pioneered at nGen Works and how it's lead to his Irrelevance Strategy on life and business.  He helps us embrace stress by losing focus on past failures/false concerns and finding success as we define it. 

Unfortunately, the fine video coverage of this event was lost in the process of uploads and downloads.  So is technology.  Check out Carl's fun video messages!

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Carl's winter weather message for 2/5:

Damn You, Janus! from nGen Works on Vimeo.

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Unfortunately, technology can really stink sometimes and we've lost the video footage for Lost & Found.  Bummer! 

Photo of Carl Smith

Carl Smith

Carl Smith is an irreverent ditcher of the nine-to-five and mortal enemy of the overworked lifestyle. Owner and founder of nGen Works, Carl’s role is that of an advisor, to nGen and other companies, on how to create self-sustaining teams that perform at the highest levels. Carl has made a name for himself by creating a new framework for how we get things done, and by enabling us to realign our creative communities. When he’s not conducting business experiments with companies around the world, he’s busy sculpting a new face for the world of work… and play.