Refresh Baltimore

People Over Processes: Turning Assumptions into Shared Understanding

Javier Rios & Michael Jovel

Every project is based on a number of assumptions. Assumptions about our users and assumptions that our team has a shared vision of what we are building and why we are building it. The longer we hold onto these assumptions, the greater we increase the risk of not meeting our users needs and ultimately, our project fails.

This talk is about how we ensure we are meeting our users needs. In addition to learning project workflow, we covered specific techniques that you can use to ensure that the user is at the center of our design and that you create a shared understanding among your team.

Photo of Javier Rios

Javier Rios

Passionate about user experience, Javier is an interface developer and experience designer devoted to web, interface, and product design. He believes the best producers are those who are attentive with every stage of the process, from discovery to code. With the use of research and insights to transform ideas into successful digital products, Javier focuses on engineering human interactions to create immersive digital experiences.



Photo of Michael Jovel

Michael Jovel

Michael Jovel is a frontend developer for the Food & Drug Administration. He has worked with the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Navy, University of Maryland, University of Chicago and Progressive Insurance. Michael is the organizer of Bmoresponsive, a conference dedicated discussing what it takes to build things for the multidevice web. He has also been a speaker at several web and mobile development conferences as well as meet-up groups all over the world. When not working to make the interweb more usable, he can be found at his home outside of Baltimore with his wife and three kids.