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What is This Thing and What Does it Do?

Karl Groves

According to the principal of least astonishment, things should operate in a way that’s predictable. The collaborative nature between designer and developer is necessary for a universally usable system.  The designer creates something that is visually predictable while the developer creates something programatically predictable.

As web developers we like to think that our hard work creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript is what makes our sites so great.  Then we realize the reality: all our hard work is really just a request saying, “Please, Mr. Browser, can you make this website do all the cool stuff I’ve designed here?” When the user’s browser receives your web page and all of its assets, your control of the situation entirely ceases.  How your site really looks and operates is entirely in the hands of the browser.

In this talk, Karl provides important technical insight into accessibility by describing the interactions between HTML/ CSS/ JavaScript, the DOM, the BOM, Accessibility APIs and Assistive Technologies. 

Karl's slides via sandbox

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Karl Groves

For over 12 years, Karl has dedicated his professional life to helping businesses create structurally sound web experiences that are also a delight to use. He has taught web standards and accessibility best practices to design, development, QA, and product teams from some of the largest E-Commerce and software companies in the world. In his accessibility workshops, Karl leverages the power of universal design and transforms the online experience into a truly interactive engagement, empowering users of all abilities. He is Senior Technical Lead Accessibility Software Consultant & Director of Training at The Paciello Group, a consulting firm which offers professional consulting, technology solutions, and monthly monitoring services to ensure that clients reach all audiences effectively and efficiently while meeting governmental and international standards.