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There is an international movement going on.  Refreshing cities all over the world bring design and development together by creating a platform and setting the stage for tech professionals to share refreshing perspectives on their expertise.  There's always free admission and refreshments, lots of networking, and the ultimate goal that everyone walks away having learned or gained something.

Refresh Manifesto
Let's gather great minds
Let's share all of our knowledge
Let's all grow and learn
Let's promote local talent
Let's be more than we think can be
Let's make our cities better.

Refresh Baltimore has followed this respectively since its inception.  Back in 2008 a few local tech progressives: Mike BrennerJavier RiosJustin MichaligaLokesh Dhakar and Ben Kutil came together with an interest to organize Refresh in Baltimore.  After their initial meeting, the guys started looking for spaces to host meetups around town, began spreading the word, and were soon holding monthly events. 

"We just wanted to get people talking and sharing what they knew" explained Javier Rios, now a User Interface Designer & Engineer in Columbia. Refresh has always been for the community by the community.  Anytime it was down, one of us would step up and get it going again.  Eventually we passed it on to Benjamin Sterling, then Friends of the Web and now Sarah Jones.  I was able to make the last event and it's really great to see Refresh Baltimore going strong."  

Refresh has held all sorts of presentations on everything from data visualization to jQuery UI.  Perhaps one of the most talked about Refresh events was in 2011 when Reinhard Stebner, gave a compelling presentation on accessibility.  

Current goals  To connect, educate, diversify, and grow the Baltimore tech community and encourage those interested in tech, no matter what level of expertise, to get involved.

So what do Refresh events entail?  Well, first of all, they're free.  We kick off around 6:30pm with refreshments and networking until about 7pm when the talk starts.  45 minutes later, everyone is full of knowledge and ready to ask questions.  After some Q&A, we try to wrap up at our venue by 8:30 then continue conversations at a near by pub.  It's a good time!

Refresh Baltimore Organizer

Spark Baltimore

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